UT for Me

Throughout their college career, UT for Me students receive personalized, multi-faceted support from UT for Me, which serves as a one-stop resource center and support system. The program helps students connect with University resources and programs to fit their individual needs. Staff are in touch regularly to ensure students have the guidance, information and support they need to resolve school, personal and work-life matters.

  • To qualify for UT for Me – Powered by Dell Scholars, a student must be an incoming Pell grant-eligible student who is attending The University of Texas at Austin full time1 as a first-time freshman2 admitted for the fall semester.
  • There is no application process for UT for Me. UT for Me benefits are awarded based on the information a student provides on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Qualifying students will receive an invitation to participate in UT for Me, are required to sign the UT for Me Terms & Conditions and complete a survey to confirm acceptance into the program and receive program benefits. Qualifying students will be contacted by the program directly with detailed instructions on how to confirm their acceptance.
  • UT for Me only supports students at UT Austin who meet the above eligibility criteria.

1Enrolled in at least 12 hours at The University of Texas at Austin (students participating in the Path to Admission through Co-Enrollment [PACE] program are not eligible for UT for Me, as PACE students only take 3 hours in residence at UT Austin)

2Including students who completed dual credit courses while in high school